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Ekonomika a management / Marketing Communication

Bc. Timur Berikbaev

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Media is a message

Media is a message

Abstract: In the following Bachelor Thesis there will be presented brief overview of the media history, its main elements and its importance and influence on people’s lives and art of doing business. The “Medium is a message” concept by Marshal McLuhan will be explained for better understanding of media development and its way of shaping people’s perception of information, values and culture as well as people’s role in shaping media. There will be also described main functions that media has in society in terms of information, education, entertainment, persuasion, interpretation, surveillance, linkage and socialization for understanding the volume of power, which is possessed by media in the nowadays world and often underestimated by people as media has already become inseparable part of our lives. Media, being major driving force in achieving success by almost every business, will examined and analyzed on the basis of particular companies, implementing effective media practices. Finally, social networks, gaining more and more power every year, play essential role in the communication strategy used with stakeholders and will be also taken into the consideration and explained on the example of Facebook.

Keywords: Information, media, influence, society, culture, business

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  • Obhajoba proběhla 11. 6. 2015
  • Vedoucí: Ing. Jiří Šnajdar
  • Oponent: Mgr. Pavel Kotyza

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