Integrated Marketing Communication and its social implications – Bc. Barbora Perglová

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Bc. Barbora Perglová

Master's thesis

Integrated Marketing Communication and its social implications

Integrated Marketing Communication and its social implications

Abstract: The main aim of this dissertation is to deepen the topic of Integrated Marketing Communications in terms of its social implications. At the beginning, it provides the basic overview of the concept of marketing communications. Further it focuses on the notion of integration of marketing communication, as well as the concept of corporate social responsibility and the increasing influence of media communications on the society.

Keywords: Marketing, Communication, Marketing Communication, Integrated Marketing Communications, IMC, Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, Social Implications.

Language used: English

Thesis defence

  • Date of defence: 24. 6. 2016
  • Supervisor: PhDr. Karel Eliáš, CSc.
  • Reader: Ing. Petra Jílková, Ph.D.

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