Bc. Josef Pasulka, Ph.D.

Master's thesis

Studium interakcí mezi proteiny a RNA pomocí molekulové dynamiky

Molecular dynamics study of protein and RNA interactions
Pod pojmem RNA interference (RNAi) rozumime mechanismus genove regulace v pritomnosti dvousroubovicove RNA v bunce. Potlacovani RNAi proteiny p19 a B2 bylo studovano biochemickymi metodami. My chceme tuto problematiku protein-RNA komplexu studovat pomoci molekulove dynamiky a popsat pozorovane interakce.
RNA interference (RNAi) is an evolutionary conserved mechanism that regulates gene expression in response to the presence of double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) in the cell. The suppression of the RNAi by protein p19 and B2 was studied with biochemical experiments. We want to study the protein-RNA complexes by the molecular dynamics simulation and describe the observed interactions.
Language used: English
Date on which the thesis was submitted / produced: 23. 5. 2008

Thesis defence

  • Date of defence: 17. 6. 2008
  • Supervisor: prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Koča, DrSc.

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