Bc. Richard Trembecký

Master's thesis

Auto-tuning vybraných výpočetních kernelů

Auto-tuning of Selected Computing Kernels
Práca sa zameriava na nasadenie autotuningu na troch vybraných OpenCL kerneloch, demonštráciu ich výkonu na rozličnom hardware a analýzu vplyvu jednotlivých tuniacich parametrov na výkon kernelov.
This thesis is about auto-tuning three OpenCL kernel compositions from the PolyBench suite. The kernels are first analyzed for possible optimizations; then they are modified with tunable parameters accordingly. At last, a host code using the KTT auto-tuning framework is added. The thesis then presents the results of the auto-tuning on several GPU devices with different hardware architectures and analyzes …more
Language used: English
Date on which the thesis was submitted / produced: 13. 12. 2018

Thesis defence

  • Date of defence: 5. 2. 2019
  • Supervisor: RNDr. Jiří Filipovič, Ph.D.
  • Reader: Ing. Jana Hozzová, Ph.D.

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