Changes in Consumer Behavior and their Impact on Marketing Management – Ing. Iuliia Dubrovna

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Vysoká škola finanční a správní

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Ekonomika a management / Business Management and Corporate Finance

Ing. Iuliia Dubrovna

Diplomová práce

Changes in Consumer Behavior and their Impact on Marketing Management

Changes in Consumer Behavior and their Impact on Marketing Management

Abstract: The diploma thesis consists of theoretical and practical parts. The main purpose of this work is to determine the recent global trends, the way they influence the changes in consumer behaviour and on that basis to reveal marketing tools that, a company is to apply in order to meet consumer’s expectations. The following methods of research are to be used: general scientific, system analysis, informational approach, methods of grouping (classification) and the development of the own findings and assumptions. In theoretical part, the concept of consumer behavior as a basic economy category will be revealed and the evolution of consumer behavior theories will be tracked. The basic structure of consumer behavior model will be observed as well as traditional and contemporary models of consumer behavior developed by scientists and marketers. Practical part will be devoted to the observation of current global trends that necessary impact consumers’ behavior. Moreover, the main features of contemporary customer will be determined. Traditional marketing analyses will be observed so that to conclude weather they are still applicable referring to the changes in customer behavior and expectations. Next to this, digital marketing tools are to be considered. And, finally, the analysis of the way marketers apply digital marketing tools will be provided on the example of Starbucks and Nike.

Keywords: Consumer behaviour, consumerism, marketing management, marketing tools, behavioural model, theory of consumer behaviour, digital, information, global trends, technology progress, traditional marketing analysis, contemporary models, wellness trend, mobile apps, SEO, social media, brands, Internet, Starbucks, Nike.

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  • Obhajoba proběhla 3. 11. 2016
  • Vedoucí: Ing. Andrej Mazán, MBA
  • Oponent: MSc Oldřich Dutý

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