Bc. Filip Petrovič

Master's thesis

Framework pro auto-tuning paralelních kernelů

Framework for Parallel Kernels Auto-tuning
Výstupom tejto práce je framework pre auto-tuning paralelných kernelov, ktoré sú napísané v jazyku OpenCL alebo CUDA. Framework zahrňuje pokročilú funkcionalitu, vrátane podpory pre kompozície kernelov a online auto-tuning. Text práce popisuje API a vnútornú štruktúru frameworku a prezentuje viacero príkladov využitia frameworku pre optimalizáciu kernelov.
The result of this thesis is a framework for auto-tuning of parallel kernels which are written in either OpenCL or CUDA language. The framework includes advanced functionality such as support for composite kernels and online auto-tuning. The thesis describes API and internal structure of the framework and presents several examples of its utilization for kernel optimization.
Language used: English
Date on which the thesis was submitted / produced: 17. 5. 2018

Thesis defence

  • Date of defence: 21. 6. 2018
  • Supervisor: RNDr. Jiří Filipovič, Ph.D.
  • Reader: doc. RNDr. Petr Holub, Ph.D.

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