Secrets of Communication – Aristarkh Avdeyev

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Aristarkh Avdeyev

Bachelor's thesis

Secrets of Communication

Secrets of Communication

Abstract: Abstracts In the contemporary world of advanced technologies and empowered consumers businesses face the problem of effective marketing communication with their target audience to increase the retention and enhance brands. In light of this, the thesis aims at investigating how marketing communication can be used most effectively by business under the circumstances of constantly developing technologies and changing tastes of empowered consumers. The study researches theoretical foundations and modern approaches to marketing communication and means of communication as well as applies these findings to the case study of Apple company. In addition to conducting a qualitative study of Apple’s marketing communication approaches and tricks, the thesis also utilizes a quantitative approach and uses data from Google trends to uncover additional factors of success that contribute to the efficiency of Apple’s marketing communication. As a result, a number of secrets that make Apple’s communication extremely efficient are revealed and supported either by the available data or by a qualitative analysis of the company’s advertisement content. The results of this thesis can be used for any other company that wants to improve its marketing communication with the target market segment.

Keywords: Keywords Marketing communication, integrated marketing communication, marketing communication mix, means of communication, social media, traditional media, Apple case study, Google Trends

Language used: English

Thesis defence

  • Date of defence: 19. 6. 2018
  • Supervisor: Ing. Jiří Šnajdar
  • Reader: PhDr. Karel Eliáš, CSc.

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