Marketing of non-profit organization – Ing. Lejla Rašić

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Masaryk University

Faculty of Economics and Administration

Master programme / field:
Economy and Management / Business Management (Eng.)

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Ing. Lejla Rašić

Master's thesis

Marketing of non-profit organization

Marketing of non-profit organization

Abstract: The aim of the thesis is to make an assessment of a chosen nonprofit organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina in terms of its usage of social media and formulate appropriate and applicable suggestions. To that purpose, the author investigates the use of social media in building relationship with the organization’s stakeholders, possible barriers in utilizing social media by nonprofit organization to fully extent and opportunities that can be applied to this particular case. The author had chosen a case study of a nonprofit organization AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina and how it utilizes social media in regards to its campaign Youth Speak Forum. The thesis constructs of two parts – theoretical framework and practical part. In the theoretical framework the background of the main concepts, terms and fields that are focus of the author’s work were covered. In the practical part the in-depth interview was conducted and social media data from the social media channel were obtained for the analysis. Overall results showed that AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina still has a long way to go in order to make a full benefits of online platforms and still has a long way to climb up the engagement ladders. However, a number of opportunities were recognized to improve these processes and build strong, lasting relationships.

Keywords: Social media, nonprofit organizations, engagement process, optimization, social media strategy, Facebook, Bosnia and Herzegovin

Language used: English

Thesis defence

  • Date of defence: 23. 6. 2017
  • Supervisor: doc. Ing. Alena Klapalová, Ph.D.
  • Reader: Ing. Anida Krajina

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