Logistics Infrastructure of the Czech Republic and its Global Connection Network – Ing. Anna Kolmykova

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Ing. Anna Kolmykova

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Logistics Infrastructure of the Czech Republic and its Global Connection Network

Logistics Infrastructure of the Czech Republic and its Global Connection Network

Abstract: My final thesis will describe the exclusive value of logistics infrastructure for business processes in Czech Republic and for global network as well. No marketing, manufacturing or project execution can succeed without logistics support. Development of transport role in the Czech Republic, which is, globalized economics by connecting manufactures and consumers via logistics will emphasize economically strategic position of it. The main goal is to show how intensively various logistics trends are used by Czech Companies in the comparison with global network and which recommendations should be considered more seriously in order to increase logistic efficiency. Such advantages in logistics information technology give to Czech company the means to manage the physical movement of goods, improve the visibility of the global supply chain. In my thesis the focus of interest in such technologies as EDI systems in logistics. First of all, I will tell briefly about history and infrastructure in logistics, modern trends, and goals. The current statistics of contemporary trends will be also presented. The practical part is included analysis of global company, where EDI system is a compulsive part of logistics department. That’s why the main objective to concentrate in finding problems and evaluation logistics infrastructure of the Czech Republic mainly in working EDI systems in Czech companies, the procedure, strong and weak sides of it and find out the best solutions and improvements. The research model was empirically tested using a structural approach with data collected from companies that have adopted EDI.

Keywords: Logistics, supply chain, air transport, road transport, railway transport, logistics trends, transport infrastructure, information system, information technology, e-commerce, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), outsourcing, Unilever CR, ERP (Enterprise Source Planning), GLN (Global Location Number), SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code), global network.

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  • Obhajoba proběhla 9. 6. 2016
  • Vedoucí: Mgr. Jiří Amler
  • Oponent: Ing. Helena Pleskotová

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