Content Marketing in small and medium corporation – Bc. Hripsime Zohrabyan

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Bc. Hripsime Zohrabyan

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Content Marketing in small and medium corporation

Content Marketing in small and medium corporation

Abstract: The thesis studies Content Marketing, which is about creating an audience-focused content derived from the clients’ needs and requirements, which the company learns about by actively listening to them. The main aim of Content Marketing is to incorporate storytelling in all parts of its marketing strategy while focusing on owning media, not renting it, in contrast to traditional advertising. Blog posts, newsletters, videos uploaded in social networking sites, printed publications, webinars, e-books, and the like are examples of content implementation. To keep your clients engaged, it is advised to share your content through various channels, including social networks, microblogs and emails. By connecting to your audience, you are giving your content away for free, so that you can monetize that relationship at a later point. It has been analysed that Content Marketing, if included in strategic planning, content creation, distribution, and metrics for multiple stages of the buying cycle to various customer personas, has the credibility to lead teams to make decisions that align with their buyers' needs, goals, and concerns. Content must have an influence – for the company and for the world – or it’s not worth bothering with.

Keywords: Content Marketing, Corporate Storytelling, Content Marketing Institute, Content Marketing Strategy, Inbound Marketing

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  • Obhajoba proběhla 9. 6. 2017
  • Vedoucí: Mgr. Pavel Kotyza
  • Oponent: PhDr. Karel Eliáš, CSc.

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