Marketing Mix in Services – Bc. Nela Zbořilová

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Bc. Nela Zbořilová

Master's thesis

Marketing Mix in Services

Marketing Mix in Services

Abstract: ZBOŘILOVÁ Nela. Marketing mix in Services. [Diploma dissertation] University of finance and administration. Prague 2017. 81 pages. The thesis deals with marketing strategies in the field of coffee services. It focuses on small local coffee shops and the specifics on their marketing strategies in comparison to large multinational coffee chains. The competition of large coffee chains poses a risk to small local coffee shops located out of high-frequency passages. Therefore, small local coffee shops need to create targeted strategies based on a comprehensive research and study of the specifics of their areas, customers, advantages and shortcomings. This thesis focuses on small local coffee shop I Need Coffee located in the wider centre of Prague. Its aim is to conduct research using standard marketing tools for a situational analysis (marketing mix and SWOT analysis), and analysis of the customers’ needs (questionnaire) in order to create a functional marketing strategy which would improve the competitiveness of the coffee shop. The aim was reached successfully, and thanks to carried research the author was able to suggest marketing strategy. The hypothesis: “A targeted marketing strategy needs to be developed and applied for small local coffee shop in order to improve competitiveness in the world of chain cafeterias.” helps to cover the whole study more comprehensively. The main findings show that a targeted marketing strategy needs to be developed and adopted in order to be competitive in the world of international coffee chains and thus hypothesis was approved.


Language used: English

Thesis defence

  • Date of defence: 25. 8. 2017
  • Supervisor: Mgr. Dagmar Sieglová, M.Ed.
  • Reader: Ing. Andrej Mazán, MBA

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