Analysis of different IaaS Systems within a Testing Infrastructure – Bc. Andrej Kseňák

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Masaryk University

Faculty of Informatics

Master programme / field:
Applied Informatics / Service Science, Management and Engineering

Bc. Andrej Kseňák

Master's thesis

Analysis of different IaaS Systems within a Testing Infrastructure

Analysis of different IaaS Systems within a Testing Infrastructure

Abstract: Diplomová práca je v spolupráci s AVG Technologies CZ. Záverečná práca sa venuje analýze dostupných IaaS riešení v rámci testovacieho prostredia AVG. V práci je taktiež vypracovaná prípadové štúdium pre najvhodnejšieho poskytovateľa IaaS služieb.

Abstract: The current thesis will be done in collaboration with the AVG Technologies CZ company and will be dealing with the analysis of different Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions within the current testing infrastructure. The current problem is that within the organization the software testing team is very frequently working with virtual machines supported by the OpenStack solution. However, there were many requirements changes over time and the benefits of the current solution need to be re-evaluated. In particular, the Operation Engineering section does not currently use IaaS software and would like to explore this possibility. The thesis will explore different IaaS solutions that can provide benefits for the problem at hand. It will be focused in particular on comparing three major approaches: cloud-based, hybrid-based and one solution with the company's own hardware. The comparison will use a set of different indicators, mainly from the performance and financial perspectives. At the end, the most suitable solution for the company will be chosen. The practical part of the thesis will focus on the analysis of the deployment of the selected solution within the company. This will constitute a case study to further evaluate the effectiveness in the context of the company's constraints and environment.

Keywords: Cloud computing, IaaS, Infrastructure as a Service, analysis, comparison, IaaS providers, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud

Language used: English

Thesis defence

  • Date of defence: 27. 6. 2016
  • Supervisor: PhD Bruno Rossi
  • Reader: Mgr. Tomáš Sapák

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