Magnitude of Corporate communication with media – Ing. Margarita Lapotko

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Ing. Margarita Lapotko

Master's thesis

Magnitude of Corporate communication with media

Magnitude of Corporate communication with media

Abstract: Today’s world is becoming more media centric. New technologies over the past few years have revolutionized traditional methods of transmission media, and radically changed the contours of modern media space. This work examines the role of media in society and within the companies’ communication. The first part is devoted to the main characteristics of corporate communication. It explores how corporate communication and media are related to each other, the history of its origins and the purposes of using media by companies. This part of thesis is based on research of Public Relations and Mass Media as ones of the elements of corporate communication. The second part of thesis is dedicated to Google Company, its PR activities and communication with media. In this part the author analyses online media platforms for media, a special attention is paid to Google News Lab, as collaborative web field for journalists and entrepreneurs. Practical analysis is based on usage of Google Trends and Google Data Explorer. It is also addresses the question of future trends of development of corporate communication with media.

Keywords: Corporate communication, Message, Channel, Communication model, Public information, External and Internal Communication, Mass media, Journalism, Propaganda, Mass Culture, Marketing, Public Relations, Print media, Internet, Outdoor media, Information services, Broadcast media, Reputation, Contextual Advertisement, Google Company, Search engine, Corporate image, Press Center, Marketing strategy, Cross-media Promotion, Blogging, Press Release, Press Conference, Campaign, Google Analytics, Trend, Social Media.

Language used: English

Thesis defence

  • Date of defence: 10. 6. 2016
  • Supervisor: Ing. Jiří Šnajdar
  • Reader: Mgr. Pavel Kotyza

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