Corporate social responsibility and business competitiveness – Ing. Dijana Drinčić

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Ing. Dijana Drinčić

Master's thesis

Corporate social responsibility and business competitiveness

Corporate social responsibility and business competitiveness

Abstract: Marketing scholars, but also scholars of other business and economic areas, are increasingly involving the importance of responsibility to the society into researches during the studies and it is becoming the crucial thing in business life of international or global companies. The main purpose of this thesis is about how fashion companies deal with different aspects of corporate social responsibility. Nowadays, corporate social responsibility is becoming more and more important aspect in global businesses, as well as in local businesses. Modern companies and businesses are more obligated to meet demands of the society, such as ethical, environmental, legal, commercial or public standards. This aspect of their activities is reflected to some extent and in some particular manner also in the communication towards the stakeholders, specifically towards the customers. There are many reasons why companies and businesses do it, as well as there are many themes, ways, media messages that are involved in the communication about issues related to social responsibilities. The main focus of my thesis is based on how apparel companies communicate corporate social responsibilities on their official Websites.

Keywords: Corporate social responsibility (CSR), fashion industry, fashion companies

Language used: English

Thesis defence

  • Date of defence: 22. 6. 2015
  • Supervisor: doc. Ing. Alena Klapalová, Ph.D.
  • Reader: Ing. Bc. Michal Ďuriník

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