The Changing Face of Marketing: Moving from Marketing Management to Marketing Democracy – Bc. Anna Nuralova

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University of Finance and Administration

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Economics and Management / Business Management and Corporate Finance

Bc. Anna Nuralova

Master's thesis

The Changing Face of Marketing: Moving from Marketing Management to Marketing Democracy

The Changing Face of Marketing: Moving from Marketing Management to Marketing Democracy

Abstract: Můj projekt přináší tři základní poznatky. Prvně jako sociální podnikání, Alvarado měří svůj úspěch ze strany finančních a sociálních ukazatelů. Sociální ukazatele úspěšnosti je zvýšení bezpečnosti a zlepšení zdraví svých členů.

Abstract: My project yields three primary findings. First- as a social business, Alvarado measures its success by financial and social metrics. The social indicators of success are improving safety, creating an exploitation-free product, and improving the health and wellness of its membership. Although there are financial benefits associated with improving safety and with improving employee health and wellness, these social indicators are also valued for the social benefits they provide. Second, the social assets that Alvarado deems necessary to support their success are accountability, transparency, trust, empowerment, and cultural compatibility. Third, various governance and management tools have been implemented to nurture the social capital required to be successful, including opportunities for effective communication, a democratic and collaborative governance structure, monthly workgroup meetings, quarterly membership meetings, and a coworker vetting process. Within Alvarado’s participatory management structure, great care is taken to be transparent about the decisions being made and why, while freely communicating decisions and sharing information vertically and horizontally throughout the organization. Simultaneously, great care is also taken with defining and upholding boundaries

Keywords: marketing, marketing management, marketing democracy

Language used: English

Thesis defence

  • Date of defence: 19. 6. 2017
  • Supervisor: MSc Oldřich Dutý
  • Reader: Ing. Andrej Mazán, MBA

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