Bc. David Konečný

Master's thesis

The Problem of Non-Literary L2 Translation

The Problem of Non-Literary L2 Translation
Diplomová práce představuje v teorii překladu mnohdy opomíjenou oblast neliterárního překladu do druhého jazyka; dále pak nastiňuje samotný problém a směřuje k návrhu jeho řešení.
Due to the fact that the issues surrounding second language translation are comparatively little-known and therefore of potential interests to theorists and translation professionals alike, it is the objective of this thesis to present a relatively comprehensive theoretical and historical background in order to raise awareness of both the unique characteristics of non-literary translation into the …more
reach higher quality TTs, but above all as a means of achieving communicative purpose, reducing risk and advancing the translator’s interlanguage, intuition and confidence.
Language used: English
Date on which the thesis was submitted / produced: 23. 1. 2009

Thesis defence

  • Date of defence: 30. 1. 2009
  • Supervisor: PhDr. Jarmila Fictumová

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