E-learning as efficient, effective and easy to access form of employee development – Bc. Nikita Zaev

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Bc. Nikita Zaev

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E-learning as efficient, effective and easy to access form of employee development

E-learning as efficient, effective and easy to access form of employee development

Abstract: The main goal of the thesis is to show the importance of new trends and utilization of new training methods with a focus on E-learning as a training without barriers. Training and development of employees is one of the most important function and activity of each company. Behind each process in firm are people. Therefore, the level of their skills and knowledge determine quality, productivity and final performance of the product, service and company. I want show in my research that training has to be systematic and efficient. It is not possible just “throw money from the balcony”. Investment into employee is like any other investment. It must add the value to the success of the company and create competitive advantage. I want also show that all training activities must be carefully planned and assess. Progress must be visible. I will pay special attention to new technology – Latest Learning Management System (LMS) and usage and types of courses designed for LMS. All benefits and disadvantages. Companies are expanding globally and at the same time they need to learn more about non-domestic markets. E-learning is perfectly suited for such purposes. As we can see continuous trend and continuing growth of mergers and acquisitions on one side we see also a growth of size of organizations on the other side. Training of 5 000 employees or even more all at once on a particular new product or service would be impossible without E-learning.

Keywords: E-learning, training, human resources, human resources management, employees, management, development, distance learning.

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  • Obhajoba proběhla 3. 11. 2018
  • Vedoucí: Ing. Helena Pleskotová
  • Oponent: MSc Oldřich Dutý

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